Who is Qbby?

He may look like a simple shape, but Qbby is a box of many mysteries.

  • He squats


  • He jumps


  • He creates boxes


  • Pompadour


  • Shielding Afro


Tons of fast-paced stages

Help Qbby through more than 20 puzzling worlds. Think you've got it down? Challenge yourself with Score Attack or Time Attack.

The story begins…

One day, a mysterious monument appears in Qbby's black-and-white world.

A story is displayed on the monument…

A new friendship is formed…

What lies beyond the black smoke?

Helpful hints

Hint button

If you need some advice, just tap the hint button. It'll display info on how to create and place boxes—but it'll cost you some Play Coins.

Quick Restart

If you get stuck, you can restart from the last checkpoint by pressing the L Button and R Button simultaneously.

Get stuck right before the end of a stage? Just restart!