Earn new costumes and extras as you play

Collect the special medals you receive for beating a stage and redeem them for in-game costumes, challenges, comics, and more.

Cool costumes: Dress to impress

Over 12 new costumes make their debut in the BYE-BYE BOXBOY! game. Some even give Qbby special powers or animations.

Witch costume Witch
Zombie costume Zombie
UFO costume UFO

Costumes from BOXBOY! and BOXBOXBOY! can be used in this game, too, if you unlocked them and have your save data from those games.

Robot costume Robo-suit
Maid costume Maid
Cat costume Cat
Superhero costume Superhero
Ponytail costume Ponytail
Rapper costume Rapper
Ninja costume Ninja
Bunny costume Bunny

Qbby Comics: Read all about it

Challenge Worlds: Next-level puzzles

These new challenge worlds give you totally new obstacles to tackle.
You can do it!

Collect all the corwns stage

Collect all the crowns

Complete stage without throwing boxes

Clear the stage without throwing boxes.

Clear stage without jumping

Clear the stage without jumping.

And more!

Music: Unlock music from the game.

Game Boy™/Monochromatic modes:
Give the game a new look.

Monochromatic screenshot

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