It’s Qbby’s third mission...

and it’s out of this world.

Box Ship screenshot

The Box Ship blasts off toward the planet. The solar system is depending on them...

Qbby and team

Qbby and the team must save a planet that has been consumed by smoke. To the Box Ship!

Qbby falss to the planet

Qbby falls to the planet from the Box Ship. (Wait a minute, wasn’t this how Qbby's friend arrived in the first game?)

Qbby back on his feet

Qbby is back on his feet. The adventure begins.

The evolution of BOXBOY!


It all started with just one box...

BOXBOY screenshot


Next, there were even more puzzles and two boxes.

BOXBOXBOY screenshot

And now, there's color!

Now there's color screenshots
Now there's color screenshots

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